Foundation Systems Value Engineering

We perform foundation system analysis and design on a daily basis. In addition to providing allowable bearing pressure values and settlement estimates for shallow foundation systems, we have analyzed and designed:

  • H-piles up to 300 feet in length.
  • Pipe piles, timber piles, micropiles.
  • Augered cast-in-place (ACIP) piles.
  • Helical piles, grouted helical piles, and drilled shafts.

We also perform observation and testing during foundation construction, including:

  • WEAP analysis for pile driving.
  • Low Strain Integrity Testing of Piles (ASTM D5882).
  • High Strain Dynamic Testing of Piles (ASTM D4945).
  • Ultrasonic Crosshole Testing of Concrete Deep Foundations (ASTM6760).